No one is more focused on helping you improve your margins. We use advanced jigs for both manual welding and robotic welding cells, which allows us to establish repeatable welds and dramatically reduce cycle times. In turn, this reduces your cost and allows us to meet increased demand for finished parts.

At the same time, we know you need the highest quality welds with no room for error. Our team meticulously inspects all parts for problems as part of our mission to prevent any defects from reaching your facility.

Our contract welding services support customers who need welded parts of consistent quality at fixed costs. With extensive equipment resources, we manage multiple production welding programs while following processes faithfully. Our dedicated team of engineers adapts to your small-run components or large-volume production programs, meeting a wide range of welding requirements.

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The industrial welding techniques we use vary depending on your needs. Our welding services include (but are not limited to):

Robotic Welding

MIG And TIG Welding

Robotic Welding

In order to handle high-volume welding, robotic manufacturing is often necessary. Robotic welding uses a manipulator and controller that is CNC-programmed. Our engineers have expert knowledge in robotics to properly program and operate robotic welding equipment.

By welding multiple joints simultaneously, our gas metal arc and flux core welding arms allow us to reduce cycle times and meet increased production demand. So, whether you need a welding service that delivers parts faster or sustains your OEM’s growth, our robotic welding processes are your solution.


MIG And TIG Welding

The Miller Welding & Machine Co. team includes employees from a variety of welding backgrounds, so we’re ready to meet any of your production requirements with superior results. For over five decades, we have diversified our services. MIG and TIG welding are just two of our many areas of expertise.

TIG welding services are often necessary when you need to weld materials such as:

Stainless steels   Magnesium
Copper   Cobalt

However, our primary focus is on MIG welding. As one of the most common industrial welding processes, MIG welding is valued for being versatile, efficient and adaptable to robotic automation. Our MIG welders easily transition from ASTM A514 fabrications to complex assemblies.

Plus, with a buffer stock of welded inventory, we ensure your production never slows down or comes to a halt. That means you won’t miss out on profitable sales opportunities that allow you to grow.


When you partner with us, our centralized welding services allow you to source one or multiple components with the same supplier. Say goodbye to managing multiple contract welding relationships that weigh down your budget.

Whether your components require a single welding process, or most of your parts need other fabrication, machining, finishing or assembly services, we are flexible to your needs. Specialized suppliers present a challenge to OEMs. Our focus is on keeping all of your metal manufacturing steps together.

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