If you’re working with multiple suppliers, inefficiency may be draining your profits. No one wants to pay four different prices for the same material or lose time between shipping parts from one supplier to the next. Your metal manufacturer should keep all of your machining steps together, conducting routine audits to help you identify cost-saving opportunities.

You don’t have to continue managing relationships with multiple metal manufacturers to meet your custom machining needs. With advanced metal machining equipment, large floor spaces and highly qualified machinists, Miller Welding & Machine Co. is the go-to provider for all machining services.

We understand your required machining operations are diverse and project-specific. Plus, you need deliveries on your timeline. No matter how your operations must be executed, we provide you with single parts or parts within a larger assembly using a wide variety of metal machining services, including:

  • Milling
  • Boring
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Profiling
  • Pocketing

We optimize our custom machining services for quick, cost-effective and consistent delivery of parts, so you’re able to keep a pulse on production. As a result, your customers receive high-value shipments on time, improving your relationships and encouraging more sales.

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CNC Machining

When your production demands include CAD-accurate parts and tolerances within .001 inches, CNC machining is your solution. Using a digitally programmed series of movements and operations, CNC machining is a precise method of producing parts that meet your specifications.

Our milling capabilities allow us to work on any size fabrications that require machining after a weld assembly. Within our automated CNC machining centers, a team of expert programming engineers and machinists facilitates continuous production. We can meet your OEM’s growing demand for parts without frustrating delays.


No matter what your operational requirements are, we have the necessary equipment to meet them. Our machining equipment includes horizontal boring mills, vertical and horizontal machining centers and turning centers. However, our equipment isn’t limited to this short list. We’re able to streamline all of your metal manufacturing processes from start to finish.

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