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Industrial Fabrication Services

Keep a part number or family of parts together with one source.



Customer’s fabricated parts can get split up and sourced to several industrial metal fabrication services companies.  Limited capabilities of a fabrication company can require customers to send different fabrication processes to separate sources before a part is returned. To eliminate this problem and become an easy-to-deal-with metal fabrication company, we’ve added metal fabrication services piecemeal for over 5 decades. Metal fabrication services are defined by a variety of processes used to manipulate steel and sheet metal such as cutting, forming, rolling, and flattening.


Fabrication Services


Those same industrial fabrication services which include cutting, forming, flattening, sawing and more, are all utilized here at Miller Welding & Machine Co.. This provides our customers with the total ability to centralize their outside fabrication requirements; receiving metal commodities as simple as cut sheet metal and plate shapes, ready to assemble kits or complex assemblies. Miller Welding & Machine Co’s fabrication services have been carefully developed to interact with one another seamlessly.


Any one, or combination of our fabrication services, are some of the first and essential manufacturing steps. The customers we support, all require 2 or more of our metal fabrication services. Whether the demand of our customers is high volume weldments, ready to assemble kits, or more specialized custom metal fabrications, Miller Welding & Machine Co. has the perfect mix of resources. 


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Fabrication Services    Fabrication Services